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The act of taking, or attempting to take, items from the control of another person by force, threat of force or by putting the victim in fear of immediate harm is considered robbery. While Utah's robbery rates in 2005 was 44.3 per 100,000 people (among the lowest in the nation), the crime is still taken seriously by law enforcement and under the state criminal code. Additionally, alleged robbers may also face other related criminal offenses, separate from that of robbery.

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A robbery conviction can have disastrous real world consequences, including both criminal and civil penalties. Given the prevalence of background checks, it can also serve as a roadblock towards future employment options and housing opportunities.

Call 801-455-1743 or send an online message for a free consultation with Darren M. Levitt, a dedicated Salt Lake City violent crime defense attorney. Darren M. Levitt represents men, women, and youth charged with felony robbery offenses. With what you stand to potentially lose, it's critical to consider all of your legal options. And arrest does not mean that you will be convicted or face heavy penalties, especially with an experienced defense attorney at your side. Contact Levitt Legal today to learn more.

Utah Robbery Information Center

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Robbery under Utah Law

Under Utah Criminal Code Section 76-6-301, the felony offense of "robbery" is a second degree felony. The offense of robbery involves an allegation that the defendant:

  • knowingly or intentionally uses force or fear of immediate force;
  • against another in the course of committing a wrongful appropriation or theft under the following circumstances:
    • in the immediate flight after the attempt or commission;
    • in the commission of theft or wrongful appropriation; or
    • in the course of an attempt to commit theft or wrongful appropriation.

Alternatively, the crime of robbery can involve the following elements:

  • intentionally or unlawfully taking or attempting to take;
  • the person property of another person;
  • while that personal property is either in the possession of the other person or in that person's immediate presence;
  • the taking is against the person's will;
  • taken by means of fear or force; or
  • with a purpose or intent to deprive the person temporarily or permanently of the person property.

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Aggravated Robbery under Utah Statute Section 76-6-302

Under Utah Criminal Code Section 76-6-302, the felony of aggravated robbery is a felony in the first degree. The crime of aggravated robbery requires an additional showing that during the course of the robbery, the defendant did the following:

  • uses or threatens to use a dangerous weapon as defined in Section 76-6-601;
  • causes serious bodily injury upon another; or
  • takes or attempts to take an operable motor vehicle.

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Definition of "In the Course of Committing a Robbery"

Under Utah's robbery statute, the term "in the course of committing a robbery" is defined as an act that occurs in the immediate flight, or in an attempt to commit, during the commission of or after the attempt or commission of a robbery.

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Utah Robbery Related Resources

Robbery Squad of Salt Lake City Police Department- The Salt Lake City Police Department's Robbery Squad is the division responsible for investigating robbery charges, thefts by extortion, impersonating a police officer and firearm charges such as unlawful possession of a firearm, concealed weapons, unlawful use or sale of a firearm, exhibiting or brandishing a weapon. Find out more information about robbery statistics and studies in Salt Lake City.

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Levitt Legal, PLLC | Utah Aggravated Robbery Defense Lawyer

Levitt Legal represents clients charged with Robbery in Salt Lake County, Tooele County, Summit County, and the surrounding communities. Whether you are facing robbery or aggravated robbery, you will gain the full benefit of Darren M. Levitt's knowledge and dedication to your cause. However, it's best to contact a defense attorney as soon after your initial arrest as possible. While you are waiting, the prosecution is gathering evidence to use against you.

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