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Salt Lake Violent Crime Charges

Violent Crime Charges

Violent Crimes in Utah

In 2006, Utah saw only 224.4 reports of violent crimes per 100,000 people according to the FBI. This is lower than the national average of 473.5 during that same period. While Utah has a violent crime rate that is well below the national average, these offenses still occur on a daily basis. The violent crimes that occur in Utah each year include:

The information on this website is intended to help you better understand the violent crime charges that you or your loved one faces. During this tense time period, it's important to come to an informed decision about which legal options to pursue. However, it may be in your best interests to retain the services of a criminal defense attorney who can help aggressively defend you in the Utah criminal court system.

Salt Lake City Violent Crime Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one is facing a violent crime charge, contact Levitt Legal today to begin building a solid defense to combat the charges against you. Darren Levitt is dedicated to defending the rights of clients in Salt Lake County, Weber County, Box Elder County, Cache County and the surrounding areas. All of his clients receive the benefit of his attention to detail, open communication, and advocacy for their cause. Call 801-531-1030 to begin discussing your case during a free, in-depth consultation.

Utah Violent Crime Information Center

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Types of Violent Crimes in Utah

There are several ways in which a person can be charged with a violent crime offense in Utah. Among them are the following criminal offenses:

  • Assault, under Statute 76-5-102
  • Aggravated Assault, under Statute 76-5-103
  • Consensual altercation, under Statute 76-5-104
  • Mayhem, under Statute 76-5-105
  • Violation of Protective Order Against Abuse, under Statute 76-5-108
  • Child Abuse or Abandonment, under Statute 76-5-109
  • Abuse or Neglect of a Disabled Child, under Statute 76-5-110
  • Abuse, Neglect or Exploitation of a Vulnerable Adult, under Statute 76-5-111
  • Homicide, under Statute 76-5-201
  • Aggravated Murder, under Statute 76-5-202
  • Murder, under Statute 76-5-203
  • Manslaughter, under Statute 76-5-205
  • Negligent Homicide, under Statute76-5-206
  • Child Abuse Homicide, under Statute 76-5-208
  • Homicide by Assault, under Statute 76-5-209
  • Aggravated Kidnapping, under Statute 76-5-302
  • Rape, under Statute 76-5-402
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault, under Statute 76-5-405

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Habitual Violent Offenders in Utah

Utah Criminal Code 76-3-203.5 defines habitual violent offender as a person who has been convicted of at least 2 prior convictions for violent crime felonies with sentences of at least 1 year. This is an umbrella term that can encompass many types of violent crimes, including:

  • Aggravated arson, Section 76-6-102
  • Aggravated assault, Section 76-5-103
  • Stalking, Subsection 76-5-106.5(2) or (3)
  • Child abuse, Subsection 76-5-109(2)(a) or (b)
  • Domestic violence in the presence of a child, Section 76-5-109.1;
  • Endangerment of a child or vulnerable adult, Section 76-5-112.5
  • Criminal homicide offenses under Title 76, Chapter 5, Part 2, Criminal Homicide;
  • Kidnapping, child kidnapping, and aggravated kidnapping under Title 76, Chapter 5, Part 3, Kidnapping, Trafficking, and Smuggling
  • Rape, Section 76-5-402
  • Forcible sexual abuse, Section 76-5-404
  • Aggravated burglary and burglary of a dwelling under Title 76, Chapter 6, Part 2, Burglary and Criminal Trespass
  • Aggravated robbery and robbery under Title 76, Chapter 6, Part 3, Robbery
  • Possession, use, or removal of explosive, chemical, or incendiary devices under Subsections 76-10-306 (3) through (6)
  • Unlawful delivery of explosive, chemical, or incendiary devices under Section 76-10-307
  • Unlawful discharge of a firearm under Section 76-10-508

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Penalties for Use of Weapon during Violent Crime

Under Utah Statute 76-3-203.8, violent crime offenses that involve weapons can carry additional penalties. This occurs only if the prosecution establishes, beyond a reasonable doubt, that a dangerous weapon was used in the felony act. Sentencing includes:

  • If there is no minimum sentence, it us automatically increased to a minimum of one year
  • The possible sentence may increase to an additional five years over what is applicable by law in 2nd or 3rd degree felony situations.

Additionally, a person who was party to the felony offense can also face increased punishments. The prosecution is responsible for proving both that a dangerous weapon was used and the defendant was aware that the weapon was present during the felony act.

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Violent Crimes Committed in the Presence of a Child

In determining a sentence for a violent crime, the court will consider the presence of a child during the violent offense as an aggravating factor. Utah Criminal Code 76-3-203.9, this class B misdemeanor offense is defined as:

  • Committed in the presence of a child younger than 14 years old
  • Knowledge that a child less than 14 years old is present or could hear/see a violent criminal offense

Violent offenses include any criminal act involving violence, physical harm, threat of violence or physical harm, or any attempt to commit violence or physical harm. Violence in the presence of a child is a factor that is considered by the Board of Pardons and Parole in deliberations.

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Utah Violent Crime Resources

Utah Office of Crime Victim Reparations – The Office of Crime Victim Reparations functions to help provide aid to victims of crimes in the state. This occurs through providing victim compensation, assistance grants, providing training to victims' programs, and promoting legislation to secure rights for victims.

Office of Crime Victim Reparations
350 East 500 South Suite 200
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Salt Lake County District Attorney's Office – The Salt Lake County DA's office is responsible for prosecuting certain crimes on behalf of the state of Utah. This office also assists the local Salt Lake City Police Department in criminal investigations. The District Attorney's Office is organized into different areas, including a legal division, investigation division, and victim/witness division. Violent crimes are among the crimes that the DA's office commonly pursues.

Justice Division Broadway
111 E Broadway Suite 400
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111
Tel: (801) 363-7900

Utah Criminal Code – Crimes against the Person – This official website of the Utah State Legislature contains criminal code and penalties for all state offenses. This page in particular addresses Title 76, Chapter 5, which addresses assault, robbery, homicide, and other violent crimes.

Taking a Bite Out of Crime: 46 Years of Utah Crime Statistics – The Utah Foundation is an independent public interest group dedicated to improving the economy and communities of Utah through presenting meticulous research of relevant issues. This 2008 study into the Crime and Security within the state has revealed additional insight into Utah's violent crime rates.

Circle the Wagons – Circle the Wagons is a non-profit organization based in Utah and established in 2010. The goal of the organization is to provide information and resources to victims of violent crimes as well as their family and friends. Vicki Walker, the founder of the organization, personally understands the immense emotions and confusion that can come in the aftermath of a violent crime. She created the organization to help adults and children facing the same traumatic events.

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Levitt Legal, PLLC | Salt Lake City Violent Crime Defense Lawyer

A violent crime conviction can have serious repercussions on a person's career, education, and housing prospects. On a less tangible level, it can impact a person's relationship with their family, friends, and community. Given what's at stake, it's important to discuss your charges with someone who you can trust to help you combat these charges. If you or a loved one are facing charges of assault, reckless endangerment, homicide or another violent crime, call 801-531-1030. Darren Levitt will help you understand the charges you face and begin building a solid and aggressive foundation for your defense. Contact Levitt Legal today to being discussing your case during a free, in-depth consultation.

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