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Utah Points System

Utah’s Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) created a points system for moving traffic violations. Points are given based on the severity of the traffic violation or accident. If an individual receives more than 200 points in a 3 year period, they face driver’s license suspension. Driver’s under the age of 21 who receive more than 70 points in a 3 year period also face the same penalty.

Points Distribution

Reckless Driving 80
Speeding (depending on severity) 37 – 75
Failure to Yield Right-of-Way 60
Following too Closely (tailgating) 60
Wrong Side of Road 60
Wrong Way on One-Way Street 60
Red Light 50
Stop Sign 50
Improper Lookout 50
Improper Passing 50
Negligent Collision 50
Other Moving Violations 40

Please note, that the traffic judge has leeway in point distribution and can make adjustments +/- 10% (except for speeding tickets). Half of the points are removed after 1 year without convictions. The remaining points are removed after 2 years without further convictions. 50 points can be removed once every three years if the individual attends a defensive driving course.

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