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Types Of Theft Charges In Salt Lake City, Utah

There are several different types of theft aside from the commonly known shoplifting and robbery charges. Theft charges in Utah may include a number of crimes such as:

  • Robbery (Utah Criminal Code 76-6-301.) – This crime is charged in cases where an individual allegedly and intentionally takes or attempts the take the property of another person against their will. This is considered a 2nd degree felony charge.
  • Aggravated Robbery (Utah Criminal Code 76-6-302.) – Situations where a robbery includes the use or threat of a dangerous weapon, causes another person serious injury, or steals a car are considered 1st degree felony offenses.
  • Wrongful Appropriation (Utah Criminal Code 76-6-404.5.) – A person who obtains or exercises control of another person’s property on a temporary basis, without express consent, can be guilty of a misdemeanor or 3rd degree felony offense.
  • Theft by Deception (Utah Criminal Code 76-6-405.) – Use of deception to acquire another person’s property is considered a criminal offense. However, this does not include cases where an individual exaggerates the worth or value of their goods to the public.
  • Theft by Extortion (Utah Criminal Code 76-6-406.) – Extortion occurs when a person threatens to cause violence, imprisonment, involve the other person in a crime, reveal confidential information, or commit any other act in order to illegally obtain the other person’s property that causes harm.
  • Theft of Lost or Mistakenly Delivered Property (Utah Criminal Code 76-6-407.) – Even the theft of property that is lost, mislaid, or mistakenly delivered constitutes a criminal offense.
  • Receiving Stolen Property (Utah Criminal Code 76-6-408.) – If an individual receives property that they know or believe to be stolen, but continues ownership or distribution of the item, they can be guilty of a criminal offense. This also applies to pawnbrokers and second hand businesses.
  • Theft of Services (Utah Criminal Code 76-6-409.) – Even though services aren’t tangible, they can still be used and intentionally unpaid for. This can happen through coercion, force, or any other means used to avoid payment.
  • Retail Theft (Utah Criminal Code 76-6-602.) – Individuals who steal items from retail stores, alters labels, or under rings an item with the intent to defraud can be found guilty of this offense.

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