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Sexual Exploitation Of A Minor

Few crimes carry the immediate and enormous levels of stigma as those associated with child pornography. Even though being investigated for or charged with a child pornography crime is not the same as being convicted, alleged offenders can often feel as though they are presumed guilty in the eyes of their friends and family before they ever have a chance to defend themselves.

The crime of sexual exploitation of a minor in Utah is charged in instances of alleged possession, production, or distribution of child pornography. In many of these cases, alleged offenders frequently face criminal charges after unknowingly opening questionable material in emails or inadvertently downloading content because of computer viruses or bad links.

Lawyer for Sexual Exploitation of a Minor in Salt Lake City, UT

Do you believe that you are under investigation or were you already arrested in Utah for alleged sexual exploitation of a minor? Even if you know that you are completely innocent and believe you did nothing wrong, you should not say anything at all to authorities without legal representation. Contact Levitt Legal, PLLC as soon as possible for help protecting your rights.

Darren Levitt is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Salt Lake City who represents individuals accused of sex crimes throughout Salt Lake County, Morgan County, Weber County, Davis County, Tooele County, Summit County, Box Elder County, Cache County, Utah County, and Wasatch County. Call (801) 455-1743 to have our lawyer provide an honest and thorough evaluation of your case during a free, confidential consultation.

Overview of Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Crimes in Utah

  • When can a person be charged with this crime?
  • How might a person be punished if convicted?
  • Where can I find more information about sexual exploitation of a minor in Salt Lake City?

Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Charges in Salt Lake County

Utah Code § 76-5b-201(1) establishes that a person commits sexual exploitation of a minor when he/she either:

  • knowingly produces, possesses, or possesses with intent to distribute child pornography;
  • intentionally distributes or views child pornography; or
  • if the person is the minor’s parent or guardian and knowingly consents or permits the minor to be exploited as described above.

Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Penalties in Salt Lake City

Sexual exploitation of a minor is classified as a second-degree felony in Utah, and convictions are punishable by up to 15 years in prison and/or a fine of up $10,000. It is important to note, however, that Utah Code § 76-5b-201(3) states it is a separate offense for each:

  • minor depicted in the child pornography; and
  • time the same minor is depicted in different child pornography.

Multiple charges are common in sexual exploitation of a minor cases and alleged offenders face possible prison sentences of up to 15 years for each charge. Additionally, people convicted of sexual exploitation of a minor must register as sex offenders for life.

It is critical for people to remember that a prosecutor must prove that an alleged offender either knowingly possessed or intentionally distributed the child pornography material. The mens rea (Latin for guilty mind) element of this criminal offense can be very difficult for a prosecutor to prove beyond a reasonable doubt when an alleged offender argues that he or she accidentally accessed child pornography.

Utah Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Arrest Resources

Internet Crimes Against Children (ICAC) Task Force | Utah Attorney General — The ICAC is a multi-jurisdictional task force that investigates and prosecutes individuals who use the Internet to exploit children, and the Utah Attorney General ICAC Task Force is one of 61 ICAC task forces in the nation. Visit this website to learn more about the types of crimes the task force investigates in addition to sexual exploitation of a minor. You can also find a link to the main ICAC Task Force website where you can find internet safety tools and information about upcoming conferences.

Office of the Attorney General
350 N. State St. Suite 230
Salt Lake City, UT 84114
(800) 244-4636

NetSafe Utah — NetSafe Utah provides online videos and resources for kids, teens, parents, and educators, including Internet Safety information that Utah schools need to meet the Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requirements. According to Netsafe, Utah “ranks number one in the nation for home computer use, fifth highest in the nation for Internet use in the home, and has the highest population of children of any state in the nation.” On this website, you can learn more about NetSafe Utah’s partners and find answers to frequently asked questions.

Levitt Legal, PLLC | Salt Lake City Sexual Exploitation of a Minor Defense Attorney

If you were arrested or think you might be under investigation for alleged sexual exploitation of a minor, it is in your best interest to retain legal counsel before speaking to authorities. Levitt Legal, PLLC defends people accused of sex crimes all over Salt Lake County, including South Jordan, Cottonwood Heights, Midvale, West Valley City, West Jordan, Draper, Riverton, Murray, Taylorsville, and many other nearby communities.

Salt Lake City criminal defense lawyer Darren Levitt understands the tremendous toll that these types of accusations take on alleged offenders, and he fights to possibly get the criminal charges reduced or dismissed. He can review your case and answer all of your legal questions as soon as you call (801) 455-1743 or complete an online contact form to schedule a free initial consultation.

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