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Options To Avoid A Juvenile Conviction In Utah

Options to Avoid a Juvenile Conviction or Record in Utah

Non-Judicial Agreement – This agreement is agreed to at the preliminary inquiry between the juvenile, parent and court worker. The written agreement states the juvenile agrees to the terms of the agreement, and if the juvenile completes the terms, their case will be resolved. Typical requirements in a Non-Judicial Agreement are:

  • Payment of a fine,
  • Restitution for any damages,
  • Community service,
  • Drug or alcohol treatment,
  • House arrest,
  • Probation, and/or
  • Counseling.

Plea in Abeyance – The juvenile’s admission of guilt is temporarily put on hold for the juvenile to comply with terms ordered by the judge. If the juvenile successfully completes the terms, their guilty plea will be withdraw, and the charges against them will be dismissed.

Expunge a Juvenile Record – To expunge a juvenile record, one year must have elapsed since the Juvenile Court made the final disposition of the case. The juvenile must have completed all required elements of their punishment before they are allowed to expunge their record. Additionally, the juvenile offender must not have incurred an adult criminal record within one year.

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