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Insurance Fraud

The Fraudulent Insurance Act in Utah law identifies three parties that may all be guilty of insurance fraud: 1) individuals or groups conspiring to give false information to an insurance company in order to receive a benefit, 2) service providers who overbill insurance companies, and 3) insurers unwilling to live up to their contract who try to deny payment on a valid claim.

Levitt Legal, PLLC can assist anyone charged with insurance fraud. Because insurance cases involve subjective analysis and interpretation, innocent people acting in good faith can be charged with insurance fraud.

Defense Lawyer for Insurance Fraud in Salt Lake City

Levitt Legal, PLLC views each client individually. We will doggedly pursue the best outcome for you and keep in constant contact so you know where your case stands. Insurance fraud can be a complicated white collar matter, and careful attention to detail can make a significant impact on your case. The first step is a no-obligation consultation to review the facts of the case and our game plan.

Call (801) 455-1743 today to schedule a meeting with a Salt Lake City insurance fraud lawyer.. Levitt Legal, PLLC represents clients across Salt Lake County, Weber County, Box Elder County, and Cache County.

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Finding the Best Insurance Fraud Defense Attorney in Utah

Insurance fraud cases require a defense attorney to immediately begin digging into evidence and interviewing witnesses. Physical evidence required to support your claims may not be available as the case drags on. Call (801) 455-1743 to schedule a free consultation—your first step in the road to beating insurance fraud charges.

Levitt Legal, PLLC can represent clients across Salt Lake County, Weber County, Box Elder County, Cache County, and the surrounding area.

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