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Credit Card Fraud Statutes In Utah

The explosion of the Internet age saw rapid increases in cases of identity theft, credit card fraud, hacking, and other digital scams. Add in difficult economic times, and there are many people who may resort to credit card fraud out of desperation. People who are introduced to the justice system for the first time may be surprised to learn of the seriousness of the penalties.

In Utah statutes, the term “financial transaction card” may refer to a credit card, debit card or ATM card.

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Utah Criminal Code § 76-6-506.2 – Financial transaction card offenses – Unlawful use of card – False application for card

It is illegal in Utah to fraudulently use a credit card to obtain or attempt to obtain property, goods, or services. The physical card does not have to be stolen for credit card fraud to take place. Using personal identifying codes, PIN numbers, ATM numbers, access numbers, or purchasing lists of credit card numbers is also illegal under this statute.

Sending any false information to a bank, such as a different identity or covering up existing debts, in order to open a credit card is considered credit card fraud. Additionally, exceeding $500 or 50% of the line of credit over an allowed credit card limit is unlawful.

Utah Criminal Code § 76-6-506.3 – Financial transaction card offenses – Unlawful acquisition, possession, or transfer of card

This statute is used for those who have taken a credit card from another person to obtain goods or services, without that person’s knowledge. It also applies to people who receive or sell credit cards for the same use. This statute also notes that any lost or incorrectly delivered credit card may not be used fraudulently. Anyone who passes on identifying information such as access codes or PIN numbers, and does so without consent of the cardholder or knowing that it will be used fraudulently, can also be charged.

Utah Criminal Code § 76-6-501 – Forgery and producing false identification

A credit card fraud will often include a charge of forgery if any false identification or signatures were used in the course of obtaining a card or in the use of the card.

Forgery is a third degree felony, punishable by up to five years in prison and a fine not to exceed $5,000.

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