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Client Testimonials

“Darren, I really can’t explain how happy and grateful I am for this to be over, and for everything you have done for me. Such a small event in your life is the biggest thing that’s ever happened to me in mind; I don’t believe there could have been anyone better to do this job. I still wake up and can’t believe I don’t have to worry about this situation at all, and it’s all because of you that I will be able to concentrate on school and bettering myself without this hanging over me like it has been for the last six months. This has taught me so many valuable lessons I will most certainly use later in my life, and I greatly admire your willingness and readiness to stand up for what others think, And what you think is right, even when a much less severe option is available. I wish you the best of luck and success in the future of your career. I’m sure you will make many more people happy.”


“Darren, well done, sir! To this day there is a sense of relief and freedom for both G.B. and me, with renewed hopes for tomorrow …now unburdened by the nightmare we went through … thanks to you!. You handled us, yourself, the case, [the juvenile probation officer], and the prosecutor perfectly. I’m sure your professional and unwavering approach convinced the prosecutor that we would stand our ground, and persuaded him that it was best to drop the case. Best of luck to you, and we can’t thank you enough!”

Buck B.

“Darren is honest, hardworking, and takes the time to not only fully understand your situation, but makes sure that all options have been explored. Darren Levitt understands the law comprehensively, and is familiar with the prosecutors/judges/lawyers of the court. By hiring Mr. Levitt, you will be doing yourself a favor. As a client that lives across the country, I am extremely satisfied with his services.

Not being from the area, he was the only one that really helped me out when I was wrongly pulled over. Darren always kept me informed of my case and I felt comfortable exploring my options with him. You need someone like that on your side when you’ve been caught in a bad situation. Thanks to him, my case was dismissed and I can continue on with my life.

Thanks Darren, I really appreciated your services.”

Amanda H.

“Darren Levitt is a very down to earth guy and has that special ability to connect with people. He understands your problems and works with you in every aspect of your situation.

I do not live in Utah so it was very hard for me to look around and find a great lawyer with an abundance of knowledge as well as in my price range. Apparently luck was on my side because Darren was one of several I had called. He was the only one who actually listened to my situation and was the CHEAPEST by far.

It never was an issue of trying to understand where the case was going with Darren. He always kept me informed of my case and with me living in California, it takes a very dedicated person to make his clients feel they are priority.

I recommend Darren Levitt fully to anyone who is searching for any legal services. You will not be disappointed!”

Pong K.

“Through the entire legal process, Darren has been approachable, yet professional. Darren was the ideal hire for me as someone wholly inexperienced with the long arm of the law. He always answered my questions directly and fairly, encouraging I ask as many as necessary follow the legal proceedings. I appreciate how Darren often personally answers the phone for his firm. He is proactive, dependable and a true comfort to work with. I have no complaints.”

A Satisfied Client

“I hired Darren to defend my son who was wrongly accused of a crime. I called him on an early Saturday morning and was impressed that he personally answered the phone. After explaining the situation, Darren went to work immediately. We met later that morning and began to form a game plan. He did a great job! I could not have asked for better representation. Always very responsive to my phone calls or texts any time of day or night. Pro active and competent Attorney. If you need a defense lawyer I wouldn’t think of hiring anyone else. Thank you Darren.”

A Satisfied Client

“I was put in a situation where I had been the victim of cop fishing and had been taken advantage of because I was not as informed of my rights as I should have been combined with dealing with an aggressive cop that started out as a bad situation that went REALLY, REALLY bad.

As someone with no prior history with the law and being charged for drug possession in a state that I was simply passing through, the situation was terrifying and I have never been so glad to contact Darren Levitt. Mr. Levitt is quick with response, takes the time to listen to all your questions and details, and takes the time to make sure he understands your situation. We kept in constant contact over the months, and he worked to not only make sure I was informed of my situation, but that he worked to make sure that I did not have to fly across the country every time my presence was requested. Darren’s comprehensive understanding of the law put allowed me to place confidence of his ability to help me work something out (as the cop I dealt with and other lawyers did not seem to know their own state laws). I am happy to say that because I was represented by Darren Levitt, who is honest, hard-working, and is well aware of the system in Utah, many troubles have been saved and ultimately, my charges were dismissed on the grounds that the cop that pulled me over was not even aware of his own law, which had been discovered by Darren thanks to his prudence and knowledge of the law.”


“I just wanted to thank Darren for his hard work in getting my 402 reduction complete. He’s honest, diligent, and trustworthy. He kept me informed throughout the entire process, and I really appreciate his professional manner and demeanor. I highly recommend Darren to anyone seeking a reduction/expungement or any other legal matters.”


“Darren did a fantastic job for me and I would recommend Darren to anyone in need of a knowledgeable and professional attorney.”


“I have received justice!!! Thank you for all your help. Were happy that you were on my side!”


“When contacting the firm, Mr. Levitt handles phone calls, you wont be passed to a secretary. He is quick to keep you updated and extends explanations and help in complected areas. He goes out of his way to help and exceeds expectations. Highly professional attorney, in good hands.”

A Satisfied Client