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Carrying A Loaded Firearm In A Vehicle

Under Utah’s criminal code section 76-10-505, makes it a crime to carry a loaded firearm in a vehicle unless a vehicle is in the person’s lawful possession of the person is carrying the loaded firearm in a vehicle with the consent of a person lawfully in possession of the vehicle.

Under the statute, it is also a crime to carry a loaded firearm on a public street or in a posted prohibited area. Any violation of this statute is a class “B” misdemeanor.

Salt Lake City Attorney for Carrying a Loaded Firearm in a Vehicle Charges

If you have been charged with carrying a loaded firearm in a vehicle, a class “B” misdemeanor, then contact an experienced criminal defense lawyer at Levitt Legal for any charge in Salt Lake City or a surrounding area in the State of Utah.

Utah’s Gun Rights Statutes

The Utah legislature has enacted statutes that show an intention to protect the right to keep and bear arms. This right is considered a clear and substantial public policy including:

  • Section 76-10-505.5 of the Utah Code criminalizes the possession of a firearm on school premises as a class “A” misdemeanor. The penalty does not apply, however, if “the possession is approved by the responsible school administrator.” Utah Code §76–10-505.5(4)(b).
  • Section § 76–10–500(1)(a) provides that a person shall not be prohibited from owning, possessing, purchasing, selling, transferring, transporting, or keeping any firearm at his place of residence, property, business, or in any vehicle lawfully in his possession.
  • Section § 76–10–505.5 prohibits carrying a firearms in school zones, on buses, or in bus terminals without a concealed weapons permit.
  • Section § 76–10–530 permits private residences and houses of worship to prohibit those carrying firearms from entering.
  • Section § 76–10–530(5) prohibits lessors from restricting lessees from possessing a firearm in their residence.

Levitt Legal, PLLC | Utah Carrying a Loaded Weapon in a Vehicle Charges

While your second amendment rights allow you to possess and use a gun, there are restrictions at a federal and state level on this use. Our dedicated legal team can help protect your constitutional rights and regain your freedom after any weapon related offense. Call our Salt Lake City criminal defense firm or send an online message to schedule an appointment today.

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